Superfast Cornwall Holding Advice Sessions For Islanders

superfast broadband bt vanIslanders who haven’t yet switched to superfast broadband will be able to hear about the benefits today.

Scilly’s faster internet access was launched in November and has already transformed one of our boat company’s operations.

St Agnes Boating is the first in the UK to swap paperwork for computing in the ‘cloud.’

Superfast Cornwall advice sessions are being held on most of the islands this week. Their spokesperson Mandy Felton says they’ll be able to answer questions about how to connect, what speeds can be expected and which service providers are available in Scilly.

The organisation has chosen St Agnes Boating’s John Peacock as their case study on how the new internet infrastructure makes a difference.

John says superfast broadband has revolutionised the way we he runs the business.

His processes are faster, he can download charts and weather forecasts more quickly and he now uses monthly electronic invoicing, which has cut down his paperwork from 3 hours to 20 minutes a day.

And he’s been able to develop a new timesaving app with which he believes is the first of its kind in Europe.

Every boat company has to report passenger numbers. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency accepts John’s data electronically online.

Using his iPad he will soon file all required MCA data using broadband from his boat.

St Agnes’ boats are the first domestic passenger ferries in the UK enabled do that. John is looking into selling on this software solution to other boat operators worldwide.

Today’s advice sessions run between 10am and 12noon at both island halls on Bryher and St Martin’s. They’re at the Turk’s Head on St Agnes this afternoon at 2pm.

Tomorrow, Friday, there’s a 3-hour session from 10am to 1pm at the Wesleyan Chapel on St Mary’s.