Award For Scilly’s Atlantic Hotel And Inn

The Atlantic Inn

The Atlantic Inn

Scilly’s Atlantic Hotel and Inn has won an award from the group that owns it.

St Austell Brewery recognised the work of Neil Moorton and his staff in increasing turnover by 25% last year.

Neil collected the ‘Best Turnaround Pub’ trophy in the Tribute Estate Awards in St Austell.

He says he is proud of the recognition of what is a team effort and is pleased to have paid back some of the company’s investment when the pub had appeared to be in decline in previous years.

Neil says he’d also like to thank the local community for their support.

St Austell Brewery Marketing Director Jeremy Mitchell says they have received “very positive feedback” on the new layout.

That followed last year’s renovation of the pub dining room and opening up access between the inn and hotel.

Neil says there are more furniture and furnishing upgrades to come this year, too. The pub and hotel kitchens are being combined, with improved facilities and new equipment.

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