Sharp-Eyed Islander Spots Rare Insect On Gugh

picture winged fly bob dawsonA St Agnes-based wildlife expert has made the first recorded sighting of a type of insect on the islands.

Last July, Bob Dawson was walking his dog on Gugh past Dropnose Porth when he stopped to photograph a cinnabar moth caterpillar on some ragwort.

But Bob realised he’d actually uncovered a rarity, a picture-winged fly, officially named Acanthiophilus helianthi.

He sent a photo of the insect to a Kent-based expert for verification. Entymologist Ian Beavis regularly visits the islands and is an authority on the red-barbed ant colony on St Martin’s.

Ian’s confident of the identification and he’s now waiting to hear back from the National Recorder for this group.

Bob’s says he’s pleased with his chance discovery.