Scilly Tour Operator Featured In Trade Magazine

katie tour busSt Mary’s coach tour operator Glynne Lucas is helping promote Scilly to other bus drivers and operators this month.

The industry publication ‘Route One’ has profiled the business he’s been operating in Scilly since 1989.

Glynne explains how he has survived the “fare wars” between rival minibus operators in the past by “sticking to his guns” after they fell to an unrealistic level.

And he says that the tour bus service is “invaluable” in that it gives visitors a chance to view as much of the island as they can in the short time they have available.

Glynne says he enjoys the applause from passengers and their laughter. And he says a successful coach tour operator should “make ‘em laugh.”

If he was taking a coach trip himself, he’d choose London or Scotland because there are so many attractions.

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