Council Reverses Park House Decision After Outsourcing Fails

Park House

Park House

The Council has made a U-turn over a controversial Park House decision, as a second attempt to outsource services to the private sector has failed.

Last summer, a number of islanders voiced strong opposition on social media to Council Chief Executive Theo Leijser’s surprise announcement that the Park House kitchen was closing.

Council staff were told that the cook’s position was being made redundant as part of the restructuring process. The Council wanted to provide meals for residents using private contractors but that arrangement didn’t work out.

The Council has confirmed that management has reversed their decision and hired a cook again.

A press office statement says that the Town Hall realised that an in-house cook, “was a valuable part of the team, enabling the home to be more responsive to the individual needs of residents.”

There’s still a question over another service that the Council hopes to privatise.

The authority has been unable to appoint a private contractor to run the Tourism Information Centre service.

In November, the Council said it would continue to run the TIC for the immediate future and they were reviewing options for service.

No one successfully tendered for that contract, which was worth around £50,000.