Committee Chairman Queries Claims In National Paper Over Spending Cuts

town hall 11The Chairman of the Council’s Community Services Committee is baffled over why a national newspaper reported that Scilly had cut adult social care funding by more than half since the last general election.

Cllr Richard McCarthy was responding to an article published recently in the Daily Express, which quoted Department of Health data on annual spending per person.

Radio Scilly brought the article to the Council’s attention last week although we didn’t receive a response to our enquiry about whether the figures were correct.

Now Cllr McCarthy has said that neither he, nor Town Hall colleagues, can make sense of the claims.

Richard says that, unlike most other Local Authorities, they’ve managed to invest significantly more in adult social care lately.

Richard says they’ve been able to secure £76,000 from the NHS through the Better Care Fund to support additional local services aimed at improving the health and care situation for our frail elderly. This figure is due to climb to £135,000 next year, he says.