Scilly’s Police Continue To Gain International Following

police station 4International publicity for St Mary’s Police continues following their discovery of a sweet that looked like a fried egg next to the school football storage shed.

The latest high profile press is in a national Irish newspaper this week.

They’ve featured the eggy tale amongst a list of the top Scilly police stories featuring Sergeant Colin Taylor and his colleagues.

Readers of the Irish Examiner, which sells around 42,000 copies daily, has featured some of the recent Scilly police activity including Merryn Smith helping a hedgehog across the road, Sgt Taylor resuscitating a goldlfish and cop shop Cat, PC Mowgli.

The article sys that “anyone who’s ever been will tell you, the Scilly Isles are just lovely.”

And while the paper says we don’t need much help on the tourist-tempting front, some of the best promotion has come from the police Facebook page.