Old Town Inn Cinema Organises Treat For Older Residents

old town inn cinema 2When the Old Town Inn landlords Paul and Maggie Evans announced their cinema venue before Christmas, they said they wanted to provide something for islanders of all ages.

They asked locals to suggest movies that could be shown on the 3m by 2m screen.

There have already been films for youngsters and now Scilly’s oldest residents will be able to enjoy the new facility. The Memory Café has arranged for a screening of My Fair Lady.

Organiser Jenny Byers says there’s room for more people to enjoy “a fabulous musical” and, in line with the pub policy, the showing will be free, but there’ll be optional donations to help meet costs.

The film will be shown on Friday 20th February, starting promptly at 1.30pm. There will be afternoon tea at 3pm and the event should finish by about 5pm.

Jenny says the tea and refreshments will be “their treat” but she needs numbers of attendees. If you want to go you can call 422663. Jenny says it may be a good idea to bring along a cushion too!