Major New Sporting Events Being Brought To Scilly

Glenn Eldridge

Glenn Eldridge

Two major sporting events are set to put Scilly on the international extreme sports calendar this summer.

And both waterborne challenges should bring hundreds of extra visitors who would be unlikely to visit Scilly otherwise.

Last year, Carbis Bay-based watersports expert Glenn Eldridge arranged the Celtic Crossing on personal watercraft from Scilly to Sennen.

Glenn himself crossed to Cornwall on an ocean ski in just over 4 hours, while his colleague Tom Butler made the journey using his hands to propel his paddleboard in 6 hours 45 minutes.

From Radio Scilly

Glenn Eldridge talks to Radio Scilly about the new sporting challenge

The competition has been inspired by the Molokai Challenge between two Hawaiian Islands, which Glenn entered in 2001. Its American organisers are supporting this year’s Scilly events on 4th July 4th with a second session planned for September.

Glenn says the world number one paddler Sean Rice has committed to the summer fixture, when he’s expecting around fifty participants to take to the sea.

In the autumn they’ll race in six-person Hawaiian canoes, and crew from Germany, France, Spain and Italy are interested in coming over.

Entrants will be asked to prove their capability and some will have to pass a trial to show that they can do it.

Glenn’s sticking with the Celtic Crossing name and he’s decided against tying in the islands to the title.

He considered calling it the Scilly Paddle or Scilly Crossing but he felt that detracted from this test of skill and endurance.

But Glenn says people don’t realise what a stunning archipelago is located off the southwest coast of Cornwall and it looks nothing like the rest of England.

He says there’s potential for the event to grow but, because of the one-to-one ratio of support crew to competitors, it’s best to start small.

But he says Scilly is the perfect venue for this test of navigation, fitness, stamina and mental fortitude and the event should get bigger in the future.

Glenn says he’d like the event to become as famous as the Hawaiian Molokai.

He’s keen to find accommodation for the two challenges and he says, with the numbers of entrants and supporters, it will add a boost to our economy.

You can see videos of last year’s event at

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