Harbour and Porthloo Works Update – Jan 23rd

Dale Clark tells Radio Scilly that the St Mary’s Harbour team will be discussing the programme of work on Monday with Cornwall Council and Kier and will update us when information is known.
Gry Maritha : The Gry will continue with her normal programme of 3 visits per week. They do not envisage any disruption to her timetable at this stage and will of course advise in advance of any changes.

Waiting room: There is no planned closure of the waiting room over the next week. Although rather bare and lifeless, it does provide shelter from the elements for those waiting for boats/taxis. Please note that as a result of the waiting room works, the DEFIBRILATOR IS NOW SITUATED IN THE OFF ISLAND STORAGE SHED.

Dredging works – Last Sunday the dredge barge, support vessel (New Ross) and landing craft (Morlander) arrived. The harbour staff is awaiting the confirmation that a GPS system for the dredging digger has been set up prior to commencing the dredge works. The plan at present is to fill 3 dumper trucks on the Morlander and to offload the dredge material at Porthloo. The landing craft will run into Porthloo or Porthmellon. Kier anticipate 3000t of dredge material. The dredge material will be re-used as backfill in the new extension.

Temporary Moorings – Kier have installed lay-by moorings at Nut Rock & Innisidgen and also a further mooring in the harbour at Old Quay adjacent to the pontoon . A temporary yellow flashing light has now been fitted to the mooring buoy at Innisidgen

Freight/ticket office: Demolition of the freight office continues. It is hope this will be completed early next week. Please be aware that the temporary ISSCo freight office is situated behind the building

Landing craft: Numerous landing craft movements has taken place in the last few days. They expect Severn Sins to arrive tomorrow with aggregate for Kier. Morlander will be used as the transport vessel for the dredged material either to Porthloo or Porthmellon. We also expect the Terramare next week with materials for the sea defence works at Porthloo (to land at Porthloo slipway). Sabrina is also expected next week but will head to St. Agnes with materials for the sea defence work there. There could also be another visit of the Arromanches to continue the de-mob of Lagans (TBC).

Porthloo: As mentioned the dredged material will be stored at Porthloo. Additional works will be starting here in the shape of sea defences and this will be carried out by Blackwell Building Services.

Toilets: BBS continue work in the public toilets. The ladies are currently closed due to these works however the disabled toilet and gents are open and available to members of the public. There may be disruption to the hot water supply throughout the week – we will advise further if any lengthy disruptions are expected.

BBS continue to work inside the building fitting out the individual retail units and offices.