Airport’s EGNOS System Not In Use Until Next Winter

egnos 1The Council has said the new EGNOS runway guidance system at St Mary’s airport is unlikely to be up and running until next winter.

The system is designed to help planes land at times of reduced cloud base or visibility and has been fitted at St Mary’s and Land’s End airports as part of the recent upgrades.

But at last week’s Transport Committee meeting, Airport Manager Howard Cole said they still had to get new aircraft approach procedures designed and signed off by the Civil Aviation Authority, to show they’re safe.

They’ve engaged a specialist to do that work, but it’s unlikely to be complete until next winter, said Howard.

At present, only the Twin Otter aircraft owned by Skybus will be able to use the equipment, which hasn’t yet been fitted to Islander aircraft that use Land’s End.

During the meeting. Cllr Richard McCarthy asked about proposals from Cornwall Council to open a second runway at Newquay Airport. That could bring benefits for Skybus flights when there are strong crosswinds on the current runway.

Senior Manager for Development Diana Mompoloki said she was aware of the plans but it was down to Cornwall Council to decide.

“They wouldn’t do it just for us, because the cost is huge,” said Diana, adding that it would depend on other developments at Newquay, such as the Space Hub.

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