Hypnotherapy Offered To Stressed Islanders

ro bennettA St Mary’s woman is offering the chance to experience a form of hypnotherapy for free.

Over the last year, Ro Bennett has been providing hour-long relaxation therapy sessions to over 80 locals, without charge.

Ro says she’s fascinated by the human mind and body and now she’s retired she’s keen to learn more.

Recently she attended a seminar in Glastonbury where she joined 70 others to explore a practise known as quantum healing hypnosis therapy with its champion, the late American hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon.

From Radio Scilly

Ro Bennett talks to Radio Scilly about her new relaxation sessions

Ro also attended a further workshop on board a cruise ship. Now, she says any islander who wants to experience a session is welcome to contact her.

But she’s not making any medical claims.

Ro says stress can cause health issues and simply putting people into a relaxed state can often help them work through their own problems and come up with a solution.

Twenty islanders have had hypnotherapy sessions with Ro so far.

Some locals do seem to be more able to relax during the process, but Ro promises you’ll remain aware of what’s going on and it’s nothing like the clichéd or comic portrayal of the practice.

She says no one will ever be made to “squawk like a chicken. It’s more like the state you find yourself in just as you’re drifting off to sleep, she says.

You can contact Ro on 422 681.