Hell Bay Hotel Wants More People To Experience Their ‘Crab Shack’ Restaurant

hell bay hotelThe manager of Hell Bay Hotel says he wants to encourage more people from other islands to visit their popular ‘Crab Shack’ restaurant this season.

Philip Callan, who celebrates his 10th anniversary at the Bryher hotel this May, says it’s part of the way they constantly evolve to meet visitors’ needs.

Philip says the ‘pop up’ seafood café, which is opened two nights a week, has been incredibly successful during the last two seasons. He says it’s had a “great buzz” and is always full.

He now wants to increase the number of days it’s open so that more boats from St Mary’s and the off-islands can make the evening trip.

Philip says a lot has changed in the 10 years he’s been at the hotel.

He says expectations are growing all the time and as a nation, we’ve become “much better at knowing what we want.”

The needs of each age group seem to change rapidly, not just year-on-year, but month-by-month, says Philip.

He says families now want to do more together, from parents dining with their children to arranging days out on the water.

The hotel review website, Tripadvisor, has had a big influence too.

Philip says at first, they didn’t feel comfortable with it but now they’ve learnt to embrace it and work with it.

It plays a big part in forming people’s opinions, says Philip, and not just of guests but also potential hotel workers too.

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