Councillor Feels Little Can Be Done Now To Address Airport Concerns

airport carpark building work 2014A St Mary’s Councillor says there’s little that can be done now to address some islanders’ gripes over the design and build quality of the new airport building.

Gordon Bilsborough says he thinks that the public open day on 8th February is a good idea and he believes it is a “genuine exercise” aimed at soliciting comments.

But he thinks that the airport plans should have gone before the Planning Committee for scrutiny and debate before the new structure was completed.

Gordon is unhappy that members were told by Council Vice Chairman Gaz O’Neill that they shouldn’t discuss the issues and potential solutions before the public have had their say.

He says members are entitled to talk about airport issues and ask questions at the Transport Committee meeting, particularly as this was an agenda item.

Gordon says he hopes something can be done about the grass parking area, drop off arrangements and high wall outside the café.