Scilly Kayak Challenge To Raise Money For Marine Conservation Society

kayak 1The Marine Conservation Society is offering a group of people the chance to explore the islands by kayak this May, while raising money for the work of the charity.

Experienced paddlers, Nick and Philippa Arding, who kayaked the length of Britain in 2013 to raise funds for the MCS, are leading the Scilly Kayak Challenge.

Both of them have visited Scilly with groups before and Philippa describes it as “absolutely stunning” and “the Caribbean off the end of Cornwall.”

She says Scilly was the ideal choice for the event because it offers sheltered waters that are good for both experienced and novice kayakers.

She’s brought beginners here before who were very anxious of kayaking and they’ve always managed to find safe places to learn.

The MCS placed an advert for the event on their Facebook page before Christmas and Philippa says they’ve managed to get 60 enquiries already.

The maximum group size in May will be twelve.

But it won’t all be fun on the water. Philippa says they’ve been in touch with Scilly’s Wildlife Trust to see if they can conduct some beach cleans while they’re over.

She’s also keen to give a talk, possibly at the school, about the conservation work of the organisation.

She feels it’s a good way to highlight the work of the MCS and people joining the challenge tend to leave with a much better understanding of marine conservation and the effects of pollution.

The participants will be expected to pay their own way and to raise money for the MCS through sponsorship.

A similar pilot was run out of Falmouth last year and Philippa says that raised over £2,000.

It also showed how popular the event can be, and the MCS have already asked if Philippa and Nick can organise another challenge in Scilly during the autumn.

You can find more information about the trip here.(