Scilly’s Seabird Project To Feature On TV

A Manx Shearwater chick emerging from its burrow.

A Manx Shearwater chick emerging from its burrow.

BBC1’s ‘Inside Out’ programme will feature Scilly later this month.

Their reporter Mike Dilger will chat with the Seabird Recovery Project team about the rat eradication work on St Agnes and Gugh. It aims to wipe out the rodents, which eat the rare seabird’s eggs.

The programme was filmed in October last year and features Project Manager Jaclyn Pearson taking Mike and his team on a late night trip to Gugh to try to film the first Manx shearwater chicks to emerge on the island in years.

Viewers will also see pupils from St Agnes school base undertake a Scilly Shrew hunt.

It will be shown in the BBC1 South West region only, although Sky satellite viewers will be able to find it under ‘BBC1 regions’ and you’ll be able to view the episode online afterwards on the BBC iPlayer.

It’s due to air Monday 26th January at 7.30pm.