Harbourmaster Urging Islanders To Stay Away From Quay During Storm

Overtopping waves during storms in 2014

Overtopping waves during storms in 2014

St Mary’s Harbourmaster has urged islanders to stay away from the quay as the stormy weather continues.

It’s been a windy night with gusts of around 70mph gusts recorded on the islands and 7.8 metre waves monitored at the Bishop Rock lighthouse at 9pm.

Dale Clark says he doesn’t want a repeat of last winter’s wave watching by locals down at the harbour. He says people should stay well above the high water mark and be careful of surging, overtopping waves and debris on the water.

Dale’s team will monitor the wave and weather situation during the morning as the data they’ve received suggests we could face 9 metre seas at the peak of the storm.

And he says the quay could be closed to public access in the interests of safety if needed.

All of the building work currently underway as part of the harbour redevelopment is indoors so workers won’t be greatly affected.

But Dale says they’ve taken precautions to avoid a repeat of the damage caused last Valentine’s Day. He says the end of the quay has been cleared, where overtopping is most likely.