Humorous Story Puts Islands’ Police In Global Spotlight

police egg 2A break-in at a school shed and the strange appearance of a fried egg-shaped sweet at the scene has put the islands’ police in the global media spotlight.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says the story, which he placed on the police team’s Facebook page, “went ballistic” receiving hundreds of likes and comments from all over the world.

Colin says it all started when Sunday Times columnist India Knight Tweeted the story to her 150,000 followers.

It was then picked up by online news sites the Huffington Post and The Poke and appeared in the free commuter newspaper, Metro.

The story then went global, after being mentioned on National Public Radio in the US, their equivalent of Radio 4.

Colin says that’s meant a huge increase in the number of people following for the police’s Facebook page.

He says they had 5,000 followers on Friday, but that had jumped to 11,000 by Monday.

Colin says their have been no negative comments and everyone has entered into the humorous spirit.

“It’s now the official thesaurus for egg-based puns” says Colin.

Jokes have included ‘an eouf is an eouf,’ ‘fowl play on the islands,’ and ‘Police scramble to the scene’ although Colin says his personal favourite was the first and simple question – ‘poachers?’

Colin says the new popularity of his team’s Facebook page outside the islands won’t change what he writes, with more pressure to be funny.

He says it will still focus on policing issues in Scilly.

And he says he hopes other police sites around the UK could pick up on their popularity and use this to engage with their own communities.

Colin says there have been no copycat crimes yet and the now famous fried egg sweet remained at the scene and hasn’t been seized as evidence.

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