Tresco’s Gardens Praised In Telegraph Article

tresco flower count 2014Tresco’s Abbey Gardens have been highly praised in a major article in the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Writer Helen Yamm accompanied Mike Nelhams on the flower count on Friday 2nd January, which, as we’ve reported, recorded 285 flowering plants.

The article explains how the island’s mild climate and shelterbelt of evergreens allows plants from all over the world to flourish.

But severe weather has caused problems, most recently when around 100 large Monterey pines were destroyed by storms. Snow and cold winds have also killed off three-quarters of tender plants in the past.

Helen’s opening sentence may increase visitor interest in all of the islands. She says: “I have never met anyone who, having spent any part of spring and summer on one of the Isles of Scilly, fails to fall deeply in love.