Quay Contamination Could Delay Building Works Into Next Winter

st marys quay 2014Contamination found at the rear of the quay could now delay part of the harbour building works.

At the start of December Radio Scilly reported that high levels of legacy pollution had been found in samples of sand and silt taken between the fuel yard and the Mermaid car park.

That’s the area which was due to be widened.

Before Christmas Cornwall Council, who are managing the St Mary’s project, told us that discussions were underway with the Marine Management Organisation over how to proceed without risk that the contaminated material would be released into the surrounding area.

It’s now thought that a revised solution will extend that part of the works through the summer and into next winter.

Project managers haven’t ruled out disruption to harbour operations, as the scheme needs to be completed within a funding deadline.

Phil Osmond of Mace Construction says managers working on the quay project will meet on Thursday to discuss a revised schedule of works for the widening of the quay.

The harbourside building updates and outward extension of the quay are still on track for completion at the end of July.

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