Get Ready For The Great Scilly Pasty Bake Off

The 2012 winning pasty

The 2012 winning pasty

After a break last year, the emergency services Great Scilly Pasty Bake Off is back again on the 31st January.

The event tests the ability of the islands’ service personnel to create a pasty against the clock, with proceeds from the event going to the RNLI. There’s also a finger buffet and quiz for the audience, who will vote for their favourite.

Organiser Ce Hicks thinks this year could be very competitive, with the five teams from the Lifeboat, Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade and Coastguard being given 45 minutes to bake a traditional Cornish steak pasty.

Ingredients are provided although Ce says the teams can bring some “added extras.”

Famously one year, PC Tony Kan brought along a huge peppermill, shortly after an incident in Hugh Town with pepper spray.

From Radio Scilly

Organiser Ce Hicks tells Radio Scilly about this year’s Pasty Bake Off

In previous events, competitors have been free to bake their own creations, including chilli and all-day breakfast pasties. Ce says the top of her list though, was a Mars bar and banana pasty, cooked by the lifeboat crew.

Ce says the police are particularly keen to win again this year and thinks anyone ending up in the cells over the next two weeks “could get practiced on.”

And like any competitive event, there’s a lot of training that goes on beforehand.

Ce says Murray Guy representing the Coastguards was known to have had quite a bit of coaching from his mum one year, while her own husband Pete, baking for the lifeboat crew, got top tips from a pasty maker in Cornwall.

But whoever wins this year won’t be getting the famous knitted pasty trophy, made by Ruth Banfield. The Police won that in 2011 and still haven’t handed it back – it’s hanging in the reception area of the station.

It’s an important fundraiser for the RNLI, which in previous years has brought in over £1,000.

The Bake Off is taking place at Speros from 7pm on 31st January. Tickets cost £10, which will include the buffet and entry into the quiz. They’re available from the Papershop.