Scilly’s Police Want To Crack ‘Eggy’ Mystery

police egg 2Scilly’s Police Chief is using his “eggscellent” detective skills in order to “crack” an eggy mystery.

Officers were alerted to some damage following a break in on Tuesday at the school playing field shed. The unit is used to store equipment for the school football club.

It would appear that someone had tried to gain access to the structure and the door has been damaged in the process.

Officers found a gelatine-based ‘fried egg’ sweet on the ground outside the shed.

Sgt Colin Taylor says the sweet had swollen to the size of a real fried egg because of the dew on the ground.

Colin spoke to both the primary and secondary school assemblies about the break in on Friday although he says there were no leads. But he feels that pupils understood his message that “an oeuf is an oeuf.”

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