Scilly’s One Act Play Festival Returning In May

one act play festival 2014It’s time for Scilly’s playwrights to get typing. The date has been set for the islands’ One Act Play Festival, which this year is being held on Sunday 10th May.

The competition launched four years ago was only meant to be a one-off event to kick-start Town Hall renovations and raise cash for enhanced audience and actor facilities in that performance space.

The event’s creator Jenny Byers says the old adage of writing about something you know is a good starting point for anyone with writer’s block. And she’s offering tips on how to present the perfect performance.

Jenny has been researching best practice in play staging and has discovered that the optimum number of actors is 3. The minimum length of play is 15 minutes and the optimum duration is half an hour, although Jenny accepts that they’ve become less rigid in interpreting this rule and the tendency is for longer plays.

The timing rule was introduced to match mainland one act play competition rules, but Jenny says its increasingly unlikely that Theatre Club actors could take the winning play on tour upcountry.

Professional playwright Paul Dodgson will be come over to judge the event again this year.

Jenny says she’s happy to answer any questions from potential competitors. She says the script could be performed again in the Church Hall later in the same week.