Non-Stop Continental Moped Ride Raises Money For Children’s Ward

Alan's Honda moped

Alan’s Honda moped

While most people were busy wrapping presents and preparing for Christmas, one St Mary’s man was braving the elements on a non-stop charity moped ride to the Continent.

Assistant Harbourmaster Alan Hartwell set out from Penzance on 23rd December on a 32-year-old, 85cc Honda bike, taking only back roads in an attempt to get to Paris and back.

Alan said an issue with the bike and “a wrong left turn,” meant he didn’t get to the French capital as part of his ‘No Bed ‘til Paris’ challenge. But he did get to Belgium and back in 34 hours, a round trip of 800 miles in driving wind and rain.

Alan was raising money for the Charitable Foundation of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust.

The fund pays for entertainers and clowns to visit the children’s ward, something Alan said his son appreciated when he had to spend almost 6 weeks there last year following serious appendicitis.

The entertainers provided a welcome break for the kids and their parents, he said.

Alan’s already raised over £500 through his JustGiving webpage.

While the thought of 34 hours on a moped might not appeal to many people, Alan said it wasn’t too much of a hardship. He’s a keen biker and a member of the islands’ Buntzig motorbike club.

You can support Alan here.