Mobility Charity Wants To Offer Their Services In Scilly

hugh town houses 2A charity that provides advice for people with reduced mobility in Cornwall wants to see whether there’s any interest in offering their services in Scilly.

Edward Trewhella, the Chief Executive of Cornwall Mobility, a not for profit organisation based at the Trelikse Hospital site, says his organisation aims to help people with disabilities to remain active, both inside and outside the home.

They provide free assessments and guidance on sourcing the right equipment.

That can mean anything from tools and gadgets to help open jars, feed pets or have a bath, through to mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

Edward says they’ve helped residents in the past, through assessments provided at mainland hospitals.

An islander was accessed recently at St Michael’s Hospital in Hayle and had a chair shipped to the islands, but he says he’s not aware of anyone providing that service here in Scilly.

Edward says the assessments are important because they can avoid costly mistakes when buying equipment, particularly for people tempted to order items online.

A good example of this are ‘riser recliner’ chairs, that help people get to their feet from a sitting position.

Edward says people need to be properly measured and their individual disabilities taken into account when choosing a design.

He says the same applies with mobility scooters – often alternatives like a powered wheelchair can be a better option.

His charity doesn’t pay for the equipment, but they can provide advice on government schemes and grants, such as Motability, that helps pay for purchasing or hiring items.

Edward says if around half a dozen islanders show an interest, then it would be worth sending someone over to hold a surgery. If you’re interested in receiving an assessment, you should contact Cornwall Mobility on 01872 254920.