Wildlife Expert Cross Over Seal Racism Claims

sealsA seal expert says she’s cross about “ridiculous” claims made in the Daily Mail suggesting that a jet black seal rescued from Scilly suffered a “racist attack” by other seals because of its colour.

Sue Sayer, who is Chairman of the Cornwall Seal Group, says the animal taken from the islands to Gweek Seal Sanctuary is a melanistic seal, the opposite of an albino.

Sue says that while these seals are relatively unusual, they’re not particularly rare and are often seen around the North Cornwall coast.

From Radio Scilly

Seal expert Sue Sayer on the melanistic seal rescued from Scilly

She says seals aren’t normally aggressive to each other but young seals playing can sometimes become “a bit rough and tumble.” That can look aggressive, she says.

Sue doubts whether there’s been ‘racism,’ which is a human behaviour.

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