Annual Festive Football Match Set For Boxing Day

football Garrison Field sign 2Some St Mary’s amateur footballers may choose to forego an extra helping of Christmas pudding in order to keep in top shape for the annual festive footy fixture.

But most players in the ‘Old Dribblers v The Boys’ football match on Boxing Day will just turn up and do their best.

The two teams face each other from 10.30am on the 26th.

The entry qualifications aren’t as exacting as some sporting fixtures.

Organiser Steve Watt says anybody over 35 with a pair of boots and at least one leg will be eligible to play for the older side.

If you go along to the Garrison Field from 10.30am you’ll be able to see whether the Dribblers get their revenge after last year’s hammering.

There’ll be a trophy presentation lunch and drinks in the Scillonian club afterwards.

Steve says the line up for the Dribblers this year is expected to be:

Eddie ‘Mourhino’ Williams (Manager)

Steve ‘I Fall Over In Slow Motion’ Watt (Non Playing Spectator)

Chris ‘No More Blues’ Evans

Joe ‘The Beast’ Badcock

Mark ‘Better Red Than Dead’ Mavers

Tony ‘Big Yellow Truck’ Gilbert

Jim ‘Orwite Mite?’ Johnson

Howard ‘Old King’ Cole

Craig ‘Oh Crikey’ Dryden

Andy ‘Messi’ Hicks

Julian ‘The Bristol Bomber’ Pearce

Martin ‘Nudger’ Trenear

Stu ‘Cap’n Sparks’ Hitchens

John ‘The Flying Winger’ Bird

Mark ‘Key Man On The Quay’ Jones

Chas ‘Can’t See The Trees For The’ Wood

Tim ‘Indoor Player Of The Year’ Dean

Adam ‘400 Goals A Year (Wikipedia)’ Blackwell