Traditional Walking Nativity Played Out On Hugh Town Streets

walking nativity 2014Scilly’s traditional walking nativity featured on the streets of Hugh Town on Sunday evening.

Andrew and Meriel King, playing Joseph and Mary, led the group of wise men, angels and shepherds from The Bank to the carol service at the Methodist Church. Their daughter Azalea played the part of the baby Jesus.

Meriel agreed to do it months ago and she says it was an honour to take part.

Andrew called into Hugh Town’s pubs to ask for a room for the night. He got a firm no from all of them, including the Mermaid, the Atlantic and the Bishop and Wolf.

The party of around twenty, all in appropriate dress, then called into Park House before completing their journey to the church carol service.

Radio Scilly will be broadcasting the carols sung at that service at 6pm on Christmas Eve.

You can see more photos from this weekend’s Christmas Events here.