Sell Out For Second Inter-Island Swimming Event

Nick Lishman (right) and Dewi Winkle

Nick Lishman (right) and Dewi Winkle

Scilly’s second inter-island swimming event has sold out – in just 48 hours!

Nick and Bryony Lishman are hosting the challenge again, which will enable sea swimmers to cross between all the inhabited islands as part of an organised swim.

It took two months to achieve full booking for September’s inaugural event.

Around 150 people have signed up for the 2015 challenge, scheduled for September 5th, in the two days since registration opened at 7pm on Friday.

Thirty people are re-booking.

Nick says it isn’t the sort of challenge that people would necessarily want to do again as there are a number of these sea swim sessions all over the world. But Beth French, the first person to record a swim between Cornwall and Scilly, will enter for a second time.

Nick says they’ve had some great publicity in the specialist magazine H20 and the sport is a “close knit community” so the word has spread quickly.

Nick says the entrant travelling the furthest so far is a German woman, who has been here on one of the Swimtrek breaks arranged by Nick’s colleague Dewi Winkle.

This year there appears to be more women than men, a reversal of the first event, and two local women have signed up. Nick is pleased at that because there weren’t any islanders entered this year.