Scilly’s Sergeant Taking Part In Global Police ‘Tweet-A-Thon’

sergeant colin taylor tweetScilly’s Police Sergeant is sending tweets to people all over the world today.

Sgt Colin Taylor is taking part in the Global Police Tweet-a-Thon, which aims to connect officers and build relationships between the police and the people they serve.

Colin says it’s useful as police officers can make contacts with their counterparts all over the world.

Some overseas activists have used the social media day to highlight what they feel are abuses of power. But, as you might expect, there’s no controversy over Scilly’s policing.

Colin tells Radio Scilly he’s been asked about the weather here, if there has been a murder and how officers travel between the islands.

One tweet enquired whether there was a police boat.

Colin has been able to tweet back explaining that we have a very low crime rate on the islands, one that is “quite enviable” to most people, he says.

From Radio Scilly

Sergeant Colin Taylor talks about the global ‘Tweet-a-thon’

It’s likely that the police station cat, PC Mowgli, will be featured at some point during the day.

Colin is one of Scilly’s keenest Twitter uses and says he feels today’s event suits “overt” users with a public profile.

He says he always identifies himself and is prepared to stand up and be counted for his words.

Colin won’t be tweeting exclusively. He’s still got other duties to attend to before his shift ends at 6pm.

And he says today is traditionally one of the bigger drinking nights in Scilly so he could be called in later to assist PC Mat Crowe, to ensure that everyone stays safe tonight.

Mat doesn’t tweet but Colin may send messages out later – even if he’s asleep!

He can automate the tweeting of messages and pictures and used that facility to send out images of his short, fifty-foot commute to work from the police house adjacent to the station, earlier this morning.