Scilly’s School Pupils Celebrate Shearwater Success Through Song

school seabird song 2014Five Island School pupils have performed a specially written song about the ten Manx shearwater chicks that hatched this year on St Agnes and Gugh.

The secondary school music students have filmed their performance of the track, which includes lyrics highlighting the importance of the rare seabirds and discouraging litter.

The rare birds were able to breed there this year for the first time in decades because the Seabird Recovery Project has eradicated rats on those two islands. It means the rodents no longer eat their eggs.

The chicks will now have reached Brazil where they will spend winter before migrating back to the islands in two to three years time, a journey they will make many times during their 50-year lifespan.

Seabird recovery project manager Jaclyn Pearson says the recording of the song will be sent to a school in Brazil, based near the Rio Plate, where the Shearwater overwinter.

Jaclyn picked the partner school because they have a lot in common with the Five Islands School. It’s a small town school around the same size as our own and based on the coast.