Council Will See Rise In Spending Power Says Government

town hall windows signThe Council of the Isles of Scilly will see a slight rise in its overall spending power next year.

It follows the announcement yesterday of the annual Local Government Finance Settlement. This is the grant that the government gives to all councils in England and Wales to provide services.

The overall size of that grant for Scilly has dropped slightly, by £19,000, to £3,285,000.

But when Council Tax and other grants are added, it’s predicted that the Council’s spending power will rise by 1% to £5,175,000.

Nationally, council’s have seen their spending power reduced by an average of 1.8%.

It means Scilly’s Council still has the 2nd largest budget to spend per dwelling in the country, at £4,305. Only the City of London has more.

Our neighbour Cornwall saw their spending power fall by 0.7% to £1,923 per household.