Superfast Broadband Has ‘Superslow’ Arrival On St Martin’s

st martins from above 2The arrival of superfast broadband appears to have been ‘superslow’ on St Martin’s. But BT says it should now be available.

Some islanders have been unhappy that they haven’t been able to access the faster internet, which went live on St Mary’s in a flurry of publicity on November 22nd.

Resident Ben Julian says after the “big switch on,” people started to order superfast. But that was then cancelled because the computer said ‘no.’

After representation to BT locally and regionally, the situation was resolved and orders placed again – only for these to be cancelled once more.

Ben says he’s eventually had the upgrade at home but they still haven’t been able to switch it on at his business.

BT spokesman Jason Mann says the matter should now be resolved and if islanders still have a problem they should contact

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