Moorwell Incinerator To Close Permanently On Friday

The waste incinerator at Moorwell

The waste incinerator at Moorwell

It’s been part of our islands’ landscape for almost 40 years, but unlike other local operations that have ceased, few residents will be saddened by this closure.

On Friday, the Moorwell dump incinerator shuts down – permanently.

There’s usually a Christmas closure for maintenance. But now that the Town Hall has decided to ship off waste, rather than burn some of the material here, it means the 1976-built structure will be demolished.

Some of the future waste will be removed to the mainland in an exercise similar to the £800,000 contract for the removal of 3,500 tonnes of the Moorwell ‘Alp’ by local business United Environmental Solutions.

That company was a consortium of Blackwell Building Services, Richard Hand Haulage and a mainland shipping firm.

But there’ll be a gap between the end of incinerator burning and the start of the waste contract in mid-January.

The Council is warning this means black bags will pile up again. The Council expects 30 tonnes of waste to build up in what they call a temporary measure.