Scilly’s Ambulance Service Workers Receive Belated Recognition

ambulance medals 2014Four of Scilly’s Ambulance Service workers have been awarded medals after Station Manager Tony Smith pushed for their recognition.

During the 2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Her Majesty awarded a special medal to both armed forces and emergency service personnel.

It was given to ambulance staff that respond to emergencies, including voluntary community responders and salaried workers on or above the Advanced Technician grade.

Tony received the medal but the job roles of most of the St Mary’s staff, that of Ambulance Care Assistants who wouldn’t normally be expected to attend regular 999 calls on the mainland, meant they were denied the award.

Tony wasn’t happy with that and whilst receiving medical treatment at Treliske, he sent evidence of the Scilly staff’s workload to the Medals Commissioning Board in London.

He’d heard nothing until, after a year, a letter arrived confirming that St Mary’s staff did qualify for the Jubilee Medal.

Although they came a few years late, Tony says he’s pleased that he was able to present the medals to Willie Pritchard, Tammy MacDonald, Dianne Lewis and Steph Chokeiwicz at a social evening last week.

The medals can be worn on their uniform on formal parades, and the staff can wear their medal ribbons on their shirts, in the same way Scilly’s Fire Service personnel do.

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