Scilly’s Two Fire Services Fail In Bid For New Shared Engine

fire engine st marys 2The islands’ two Fire Services haven’t been successful in their bid for a new, shared fire engine.

In February this year, councillors approved the application to a new £75m government pot, set up to help cash-strapped fire services buy new capital equipment.

Chief Fire Officer Steve Webster said the two separate fire services on Scilly, one serving the community across the islands and the other based at the airport, could save money through sharing the appliance, which would replace the 25-year old red engine currently based at the airport on St Mary’s.

The custom-designed appliance, estimated to cost around £200,000, was expected to produce savings through reduced servicing and maintenance, as well as a reduction in training and the cost of spares.

The Council says the bid was accepted by the government, but it didn’t receive approval because other projects were judged to produce a greater level of savings and return.