Enigma Machine Comes to Cornwall

enigma machineTruro and Penwith College is holding a free public lecture on Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover more about the great mathematician; the story of whom is the focus of the recent film release, The Imitation Game.

Alan Turing was one of our great 20th century mathematicians, pioneer of computer science and one of the leading code breakers of Bletchley Park during World War II. It was Turing’s brilliant insights and mathematical mind that helped to break Enigma, the apparently unbreakable code used by the German military. Dr James Grimes presents a history of both Alan Turing and the Enigma, leading up to this fascinating battle of man against machine – including a full demonstration of an original WWII Enigma Machine!

The lecture is given by Dr James Grimes from the University of Cambridge. James travels extensively giving public talks and visiting schools, colleges, universities, festivals and other events, reaching 12,000 people, of all ages, every year.

Wednesday January 28th at 7pm
Mylor Lecture Theatre, Truro College
Free tickets available from:

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