Controversial Street Trading Policy Approved Despite Last Minute Challenge

phill deason veg stallThe controversial new Street Trading policy has been approved by Full Council, even though one St Mary’s councillor tried to get it stopped at the last minute.

The policy, which bans street trading on the main routes through Hugh Town, had been agreed by the Licensing Committee in November, but needed the final sign-off by all councillors at their meeting on Tuesday.

But Cllr Gordon Bilsborough said he couldn’t support it, because it was forcing one person who had traded in the centre of Hugh Town for many years, to be moved from his usual pitch.

Last week we reported that fruit and veg seller Phill Deason had decided to stop selling his produce in town after the policy was introduced. He said the low footfall at other locations wouldn’t be able to support his business.

Council Chairman Amanda Martin told Gordon that he couldn’t discuss individual reports in the meeting although Legal Officer, Richard Burraston confirmed that Gordon did have the right to challenge the policy. Councillors could reject it, meaning it would have to go back to the Licensing Committee to be reconsidered.

Cllr Christine Savill said reports are brought to the Full Council so members who aren’t on that committee can express an opinion.

And Cllr Richard McCarthy said he couldn’t vote for it without more information. He wanted to know why certain areas were now banned for trading.

He didn’t get an answer.

But in the end, the policy was accepted by a narrow majority, with five councillors voting for it and four against. Another four abstained.

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