Scilly Baby Wallaby Loses Fight For Life

wallabyThe baby wallaby, which St Mary’s animal lover Steve Griffin has been nursing, has died.

Its mother had been roaming around St Mary’s for a month after escaping from Steve’s private zoo on the island. She was found dead, after a suspected road traffic collision, on Porthmellon Industrial Estate on Monday evening.

Steve and his wife Cath had decided to call the baby marsupial Matt, after the islander who found him.

Island Vet Heike Dorn used an oven glove as a makeshift pouch and Steve hand-fed the baby soya milk overnight in an effort to keep him alive. Advice was offered from wallaby experts all over the world and Steve was told that if they could nurse it through the next three days, chances were that it would be ok.

But despite their best efforts, Steve tells Radio Scilly that the baby wallaby passed away last night.