Duchy To Discuss Porthloo Slipway With Users

porthloo slip1Duchy officials are set to meet boatmen at the new Porthloo slipway this week to discuss whether more work needs to be done on the new access to the boat yard.

The concrete structure was installed last winter but the exceptional storms washed away sand around the end of the ramp and that made access from the water trickier.

The Duchy arranged for the positioning of sand and stones to smooth over the ridge caused by that erosion.

But some boatmen want a more permanent fix and fear future storms could wash the sand away again.

Boatman Joe Badcock says getting onto the slipway in strong swells has proved a challenge for some larger boats because of the soft sand at the end of the ramp, which they can sink into.

He’d like a few more meters of concrete at the end of the slip to ease the process.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark told last week’s harbour users meeting at the Slip Inn that the Duchy has agreed to do what is necessary to enable continued access if the most recent repairs don’t hold.

Dale says the facility has worked well for most boat owners.

Fifteen people attended the meeting, which also discussed the Duchy proposals to hand over the harbour operations to a third party, potentially creating a community-run trust port.

Dale has agreed to find out whether independent legal advice could be available for harbour users during the process after one meeting attendee asked about impartial advice.