Council Announces Plans To Demolish Moorwell Incinerator

The waste incinerator at Moorwell

The waste incinerator at Moorwell

News that the Council plans to demolish the Moorwell incinerator has been described as “absolutely fantastic” by the veteran St Mary’s waste campaigner, Ray Wornes.

The authority announced yesterday that the facility will be closed sometime between the end of December and the middle of January, and the Moorwell dump redeveloped into a Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

That’s likely to start in the spring, followed shortly after by the demolition of the incinerator and leveling of the site.

Ray said he was “almost in tears” when he heard the news at the Waste Forum Meeting yesterday.

He says he’s been pushing for the incinerator to be closed for 30 years, following a lengthy public enquiry in the 80’s over plans to manage waste on the islands.

In August last year, Radio Scilly revealed that the incinerator was routinely breaching legal emission limits for toxic substances like dioxins, and the Council brought in specialist help to try to get the facility operating more efficiently.

Even as recently as January this year, Cllr Steve Sims, the Chairman of the General Purposes Committee, admitted they were still struggling to get the emissions under control.

There had been plans to replace the incinerator with a more modern version, and Ray says he’s pleased the Council doesn’t intend to do that now.

He says it’s become clear since the weighbridge was implemented earlier this year that there’s actually a lot less waste being produced in Scilly than had been thought and the costs of a new incinerator couldn’t be justified.

In yesterday’s statement, the Council said the redeveloped site will allow recycled materials to be processed ready to go to the mainland. Any remaining ‘black bag’ waste will also be sent to a mainland incinerator, which can turn it into energy.

The Council says it will be consulting with the community during February and March about the best way to introduce recycling collections.

Ray says members of the Waste Forum were “very optimistic” about the plans.

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