Missing Wallaby Found Dead – But Scilly’s Vet Hopes Baby Will Survive

wallabyAn escaped wallaby that has been roaming around St Mary’s for a month, has been killed in an apparent road traffic collision.

The unpleasant discovery was made in the Porthmellon Industrial Estate area at around 7pm on Monday evening.

But the wallaby’s owner, animal lovers Steve Griffin and his wife Cath, are hoping for a happy ending from this tragedy.

A baby wallaby has been found in the pouch of its deceased mother.

This evening, island Vet Heike Dorn is battling to keep the baby alive using an artificial pouch, which she has fashioned out of an old oven glove.

Heike says the male baby can’t be fed with milk containing lactose so she is hand feeding the tiny animal with soya milk.

She’s hoping to get specialist advice from experts at Paignton Zoo in the morning.

Islanders had reported a number of sightings of the missing marsupial over the past four weeks, ranging from Deep Point to Rosehill and Porthmellon.

Apples were used as ‘traps’ to try and attract the animal and there was a £25 reward for its safe return.

Steve has another four wallabies in his private zoo on St Mary’s.