Former Steamship Chairman Calls New Airport Terminal ‘Ghastly’

airport nov 2014A former Chairman of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company says he’s “horrified” at what he’s seen at the newly refurbished airport terminal on St Mary’s.

In a letter written by Barneslie Ward to the Chairman of Council, Amanda Martin, he says the terminal is “ghastly” and “a hare-brained, self-indulgent, excessive and ugly building which is incompatible with Scilly.”

Some councillors expressed their concern earlier this year when it was revealed that the changes to the airport were carried out under ‘permitted development rights.’ That means the plans didn’t need to be approved formally by the Planning Committee.

Barneslie has blamed “mainland, imported bureaucrats” for grabbing grants and building “unsuitable and profligate blots on the landscape.”

And he’s challenged the Chairman to “control the imported civil servants if you can.”

In the letter, Mr Ward informed the Council Chairman that he was copying the correspondence to Radio Scilly and requested that Cllr Martin shared it with all other councillors.

The Council’s Press Office said Cllr Martin hadn’t received Mr Ward’s letter yet, so was unable to comment at this stage.

But they added: “The decision to bring in investment for the airport project was made to benefit businesses, residents and visitors. It is essential that our mainland transport links and facilities are fit for purpose.

“The recent work to the airport will ensure that the Isles of Scilly remain a viable place for people to live, work and visit.”

Mr Ward added that he appreciated the time councillors give in order to govern us.

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