Police Launch Christmas Drink Driving Campaign

police landrover backDevon and Cornwall Police launched their annual Christmas campaign against drink driving yesterday.

But Sergeant Colin Taylor says it’s business as usual for Scilly’s policing team. They’ve been focussing on drink drivers all year, and seven people have been arrested on the islands for failing a breath test since January.

Unlike the mainland, officers patrolling on foot in Scilly always carry a breathalyser.

Colin says that makes sense because they’re always ready to take action. With so few officers here, they can’t always call for backup from the station or a nearby police vehicle if they suspect someone of drink driving.

And rather than relying on chance, Colin says they’ve been using tip-offs from concerned residents more this year.

From Radio Scilly

Sgt Colin Taylor talks to Radio Scilly about the drink driving campaign

He says he’ll always follow up on those reports, adding he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if there was an accident that could have been prevented.

People providing information will always remain completely anonymous, says Colin.

Mainland campaigns have been focussing on the lingering effects of alcohol the morning after, when many people can still be over the limit.

Colin says there are no plans in place to do early checks here, because it requires two officers on duty, although he says he won’t rule it out.

One arrest this year was made after a driver failed a breathalyser test in the morning.

And Colin says testing won’t be limited to St Mary’s either. He says his officers have shown a willingness to enforce the law across Scilly with two off-islanders losing their licences this year.