Duchy Says Islanders Welcome To Bid To Run New Harbourside Restaurant

St Mary's Quay

St Mary’s Quay

The Duchy Land Steward says applicants from Scilly are welcome to apply to run the new Harbourside restaurant.

A campaign to find an operator for the facility, being built by the Duchy of Cornwall at St Mary’s quay, has generated a flurry of interest this weekend after it was featured in catering and restaurant trade magazines.

But despite the national promotion, Duchy Land Steward Chris Gregory says there’s no reason why bids from the islands wouldn’t be considered, although it is open to all.

The new development will include a first floor café, bar and restaurant with up to 100 covers, as well as retail space on the ground floor.

There’s also self-contained living accommodation for the proprietor and up to five bedrooms for staff. If there’s too much space, or the flats are not needed, then some of it could be let out independently.

Chris says he hopes they can attract an operator whose business model revolves around “really local” sourcing of produce – an opportunity to showcase Scilly and create additional demand for local growers’ goods.

And it could become a kind of academy of excellence for the rest of the islands.

Chris says if staff are being trained, he’d like to see that opened up to other businesses. And visiting chefs would offer opportunities for locals to learn new techniques.

Chris says the new restaurant will be able to offer a ‘whole day’ service during the high season, given its prominent position on the quay, although the opening hours will be down to the operators to decide.

And he hopes it will become a “champion” by providing a full service during the quieter shoulder months.

The Duchy says that joint venture proposals and alternative business models are welcome.

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