Hugh Town Street Trader Says He’s Quitting Following Council Vote

phill deason veg stallA St Mary’s stallholder says he’s going to “throw in the cabbage” and stop selling his fruit and veg in Hugh Town.

It follows the Council’s approval of a new Street Trading Policy last week, which bans operations along most of the main roads in Hugh Town.

For several years, Phill Deason has been setting up his popular stall outside the former Blues Restaurant in the centre of town.

But over the summer, he says the Council threatened to prosecute him for trading there without a licence. They had to apologise after he produced one, which he’d held for three years.

Even so, he was moved to Silver Street, where he says he was on a dangerous corner and his trade dropped by 40%.

During the road resurfacing work, he was given another chance to trade on the main street and Phill says many locals, including councillors, came to say they were glad to see him back. They told him he was providing a valuable service and that he should be allowed to stay where he was.

So he’s surprised by last week’s unanimous decision by councillors to restrict street trading there.

Phill says his experience over the past year has shown him that the Council isn’t interested in supporting local producers.

He feels the Council is “not interested in what people want, only what they want, like spending millions on unwanted workshops and an Airport Terminal.”

Phill says Scilly is losing its unique attraction to visitors through too many rules and regulations, with “bureaucracy taking over everything.”

And he says the “live and let live” small community spirit, where people all pulled together and helped one and other, is gone.

David and Lynn Townend, who own Sportsmode, have offered Phill a space outside their shop by The Park. He says he’s very grateful for their kind offer but feels there won’t be enough passing trade to sustain his business.

But he says he might place an honesty stand there instead.

Phill says he’ll now look at other options, such as selling his produce direct to local businesses.

He says he wants to say thank you to all the islanders and visitors who supported him over the past few years.

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