Council Powerless To Stop Late Night Noise

hugh town houses 2The Council has said it’s powerless to tackle late night noise and disorder in Hugh Town and they’ll be meeting with the local police team to discuss the situation.

The issue was raised at last Thursday’s Licensing Committee meeting. Discussions on a revised Licensing Policy were dominated by the problems caused by noisy revellers leaving pubs and antisocial behaviour in the streets.

The Council had consulted the public on what should be included in the policy.

Some residents reported problems with foul language, noise, alcohol bought in pubs being consumed in the street, deliberate breaking of glasses and “generally rowdy behaviour.”

They’d complained to the authority but felt little had been done to tackle the issue.

But the Senior Officer for Licensing Sue Pritchard told councillors that the authority could only deal with noise and issues occurring on licensed premises, “not 20 yards down the road.”

She said they had to look to the police for advice on that, as it was a crime and disorder issue.

Council Chairman Amanda Martin said she’d received “a body of correspondence” this summer from residents and visitors disturbed during the evenings.

And Cllr Avril Mumford, who lives and owns a business on Hugh Street, said the problem was “getting out of hand now.”

She complained about people urinating in doorways. “It’s disgusting and something has to be done about it,” she said.

Cllr Martin reported that some owners had put “doormat after doormat down.” Now they don’t bother because it’s always soaked in urine, she said.

She added that she’s seen glasses, bottles and cans, some with alcohol still in, all over Hugh Town, often as far out as the museum.

Amanda said someone needed to be enforcing the regulations, while Cllr Mollie Peacock wanted to see more of a police presence in the evenings.

But Sue said the islands’ police structure their day so they’re out on duty late at night, particularly in the summer months.

Cllr Mumford felt people in the community didn’t understand what the Council’s position was on this and she wanted to call a public meeting to discuss it.

Councillors agreed with that proposal.

And they’ll include a letter to landlords when the new licencing invoices go out. It will remind them about their responsibilities.

The Council will also discuss the problems raised with the islands’ police team.

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