Use It Or Lose It Warning Over Hugh Town Shops

hugh town centre shopsA St Mary’s businesswoman is urging islanders to use local shops or risk losing a vital community service.

Julia Day, who owns Islands’ Home Hardware, says the community can’t afford to see any more shops close.

She says when she first arrived in Scilly there were two electrical retailers, a shoe shop and two butchers.

Julia regrets how the market has contracted and doesn’t want to see it decreasing any further.

If the remaining shops go, she says, life will be very difficult.

Many online retailers are expecting big sales today as a number of global brands have adopted the American concept of ‘Black Friday,’ where prices are cut the day after their Thanksgiving.

It’s now being heavily promoted here.

Julia says islands businesses have always faced competition from mail order businesses. That used to be the old paper catalogues like Littlewoods, but it’s become a bigger threat with the growth on online sales, especially for groceries.

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