Plea To Control Dogs After Chickens Attacked

chickensThe St Mary’s Dog Warden has made a plea to owners to keep their dogs under control after a spate of attacks on chickens.

Maggie Perkovic says there have been three reports in the last three weeks.

Phil and Anthea Roberts in Old Town had several chickens killed in an attack, while there have also been incidents at McFarland’s Down and Trenoweth.

Maggie says there’s no reason to believe it’s the same dog.

She says many people keep chickens as pets on the islands. They have names, she says, and people are quite rightly upset when they’re killed.

She feels the owners must know what’s happened because dogs will come back covered in feathers after an attack.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says any dog management issues raised by the chicken attacks are down to the warden to investigate.

But he says he’s reassured Maggie that where she needs police support in her duties she only has to ask and they’ll assist her.