HMS Association Bell Found In The States

HMS AssociationIf you have artefacts from the HMS Association or the other ships from Sir Cloudesley Shovell’s fleet that sank in the 1707 disaster, the Naval Records Society wants photos of them.

When the Association was discovered off the Western Rocks in 1967, the legislation to protect the shipwreck sites had not been passed and many items were removed for private collections or auction.

Editor of Navy Records Online, Dr Sam Willis, has traced part of the Association’s ship’s bell to the United States. There’s a fragment of the bell in Scilly but no one knew where the rest of it was.

It’s one of the most important items for collectors and Sam wants to know what else is out there.

From Radio Scilly

Dr Sam Willis talks to Radio Scilly about his search for artefacts

The whereabouts of bells from HMS Firebrand and HMS Eagle is already known.

The fourth ship, HMS Romney, which is thought to have gone down off Bishop Rock, has never been found.

Sam hopes he can put together a significant online resource featuring pictures of artefacts from the tragedy.

He’s particularly interested in seeing personal items that belonged to the sailors because that might offer an insight into the lives of the men who perished. And he says it could provide a valuable resource for the Five Islands School.

Sam says he’s not interested where they came from or how you came by them – he just wants a photo of the item.

He’s hoping to assemble the online ‘virtual collection’ over the next 12 months and you can email Sam at

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